2017 Working Test Results

1 Puppy, Special Puppy, NDND, Intermediate & Veteran

Our first test was held on Sunday 30th April at The Elms, Rockhampton by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs M Goode. Our Judges for the day were Mr Johnny Morris, Mr Craig Perry, Mrs Killy Pennell & Mrs Lucy Mixture


1. Cynhinfa Ruth Lab B Mr R Phillips
2. Roxhart Red Rum Lab D Mrs T Constantine
3. Stykesboy Shooting Star Lab B Mr P Clark
4. Moonglow Night Lab D Mr J Derrick
COM Roxhart Winnie Lab B Mrs D Cornforth
COM Stykesboy Taff The Tranch Lab D Mr P Hobbs


1 Puppy

Special Puppy

1. Artistryn Xanto Lab D Mrs G Keyte
2. Mekoro Storm Surge Of Wickmoor Lab D Miss M cox
3. Sarnesfield Poacher Lab D Mr B Gregory
4. Slipside Fagan Lab D Mr T Axford


2 Special Puppy

Novice Dog / Novice Handler

1. Haydonwood Mister Sanchez Lab D Ms J Burnett
2. Saunders Roe Princess Lab B Mr M Newnes
3. Springcurl Manifesto CCR B Mr N Eden
4. Copperwheat Star Lab B Mrs H Cadman




1. Willowyck Harry Lab D Miss E Davis
2. Pinedale Sage GR D Mrs C Peers
3. Nordenlights Yucatan GR D Mrs S Parkes
4 Mynyddmaen Brochan Lab D Mrs J Derrick
COM Castlemans Soul Man GR D Mr A Phillips
COM Millershook Chance Lab D Ms A Willans


4 Intermediate


1. Consgrove Bobby Lab D Mrs V harris
2. Blackjon Boy LabD Ms D Smith
3. Cockrams Cherry Lab B Mr R Colver


5 Veteran

2 Novice & Open

Our second day was held on Sunday 27th August at New House Farm, Winslow by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs R Raymond. Our judges for the day were Graham Bird, Roger Colver,Angie Cooper & Laurie Pittaway.


1. Roxhart Tinca Of Frizelwood Lab B Mr S Pullin
2. Roughbeat Gabriella Of Goldenvine GR B Miss J Deeming
3. Westerkames Rhum Lab D Mr P Alabaster
4th Roxhart Winnie Lab B Mrs D Cornforth
COM Millerise Jemima Lab B Mrs J Miller

6. Novice

6 Novice


1. Woodpath Doris Lab B Mr S Arch
2. Mrs A Shearman GR B Mrs A Shearman
3. Kaliture Cuinn By Ashmhorgold GR D Mrs K McCarthy
4th Sorrelcott Guinevere Lab B Miss H Goodwin
COM Rocky Lane Lab D Mrs J Fisher

7. Open

7 Open

A very big thank you to our hosts for so generously allowing us to use their land, and to our judges, stewards and dummy throwers without their support we would not be able to run these events. Also to Skinners Pet Foods for so generously sponsoring us once again.

Many congratulations to everyone in the awards and thank you to the competitors for coming and supporting the club.





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