Discover Dogs

Thank you for visiting our stand at Crufts and for your interest in Golden Retrievers.



Below are several links to information you may find useful if you are thinking of buying a Puppy or giving a rescue dog a second chance.

Each region of the country has a Golden Retriever Club that would be able to help you with matters locally to your home. You will find details of these clubs on The Breed Council website.

There is a wealth of information about the characteristics and temperament of the Golden Retriever, what dog ownership is all about and buying a puppy on the Kennel Club website.

If you do progress to owning a Golden Retriever it would be a good idea to join your local club and benefit from the information and training seminars on offer.

We trust that you had a great day out at Crufts and came away from Discover Dogs knowing a lot more about individual breeds and how to look after them.







KC 2014 Pedigree Breed Health Survey
Download the results of the 2014 health survey here.
Respective links are available here.
For comparisons, results of the 2004 Survey are available via a link in this News item.