Quincy 12months 2Please contact Breed Council Representative, Penny Gowland or Health Representative John Truman for more information.

See the sub-pages on the Health menu above for details of specific conditions.

The Animal Health Trust is running several projects which may be of interest to Golden Retriever owners. Their website is

The Kennel Club 2014 Pedigree Breed Health Survey
Download the results of the 2014 health survey here.
Respective links are available here.
For comparisons, results of the 2004 Survey are available via a link in this News item.

The Kennel Club Dog Health Group Annual Report has just been published for 2014. See the KC page here, download the full report here or the extracted data for Golden Retrievers here.

A study to try and find a DNA test to help breeders eliminate this serious eye condition, which often involves removal of affected eyes. 10 breeds, including Golden Retrievers, are being studied. Download a flyer here or further information on how you can help, here.

Some of these are specifically requesting samples from affected Golden Retrievers who have Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Melanoma or Mast Cell Tumours. For further information about how you may be able to help this research please see the AHT web site.
Spring 2014 update on MCTs from the AHT here.
Autumn 2016 update on MCTs here.

AHT Eye Cancer Project
The AHT are undertaking research into Uveal Melanoma. Click here to read a letter sent by the KC to registered Golden Retriever owners.

Seasonal Canine Illness
Where dogs develop sickness, diarrhoea and lethargy after being walked in woodland: The AHT are hoping that dog owners will complete a questionnaire. If you have walked your dog in any of our five study sites: Sandringham Estate or Thetford Forest, Norfolk, Sherwood Forest or Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire or Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, please complete our online questionnaire – regardless of whether your dog was taken ill or not.

Interesting study on the health of Neutered Golden Retrievers:

GOdogs Project on Obesityretrieve leaves
Over a third of pet dogs are obese. Some breeds of dog are more likely to become obese. They seem to have a greater tendency to eat more than they need to maintain a healthy body weight. Labrador and golden retrievers are two such breeds.
GODogs are looking for DNA samples to help investigate a genetic link to obesity in goldens.

Epilepsy Study
The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) is trying to recruit dogs for a food trial looking into the treatment of epilepsy. This is not specific to goldens.
Flyer with further info here.

There is a company called My Dog DNA which has some interesting services. As well as offering bundle packages for DNA testing they are also looking at genetic diversity. Worth taking a look at their website.

Claire Giry, a student at the University of Edinburgh writes, “Hi everyone, I am looking for dog owners to fill a survey for my dissertation (University of Edinburgh). I am investigating the personality similarity between dogs and their owners, and possible correlation between human personality traits and breed choice. You can even ask for the results at the end of the survey if you want to know how similar your dog and you are!”