Ectopic Ureter

Appeal For Samples

The Health Sub Committee of the Breed council in combination with the Animal Health Trust are initiating a project to see if a gene test can be developed for wet puppy.

Samples are needed from:

– Affected puppies, and older animals who may have had corrective surgery

– Possible carriers (dogs or bitches who have had puppies with this condition or litter mates to affected puppies)

– Unaffected Golden Retrievers.

Enough samples are required to start the project.

In addition to a cheek swab sample state which category the sample falls into (affected, possible carrier or clear), provide a pedigree, if a sample is donated from an affected animal a report from the vet is necessary.

AHT have offered to profile and store DNA from ANY Golden Retriever (for a nominal fee of £5.) This will be invaluable for future breeding as DNA can be stored indefinitely and could help eradicate problems we may encounter in the future.

If you think you might be able to help or would like further information please contact Margaret Woods on 00-44-(0)1388 835112, 00-44-(0)7932643615 or by email.

University of Cambridge study on EU. Any enquiries must be made through Margaret Woods, Breed Health Co-ordinator, until the details of the study have been finalised:
EU Study by Cambridge Uni

EU Project Update – July 16

Golden Retriever Ectopic Ureter Ultrasound Screening Project
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Penny Gayler has kindly shared her experiences of successfully treating an EU puppy in this article.

Connie (successfully treated EU Puppy)

Connie (successfully treated EU Puppy)