Our Rescue Officer, Mrs Ingrid Pinfield, does amazing work. Collecting Goldens from homes that, for a variety of reasons, can sadly no longer offer the right environment for these wonderful companions.

During the “waiting time”, all dogs are given full medical checks and their temperament is assessed very carefully.

Ingrid will always ensure that a rescue dog’s welfare is the number one priority and that any potential new home is carefully screened to ensure that both dog and new owner are a suitable match.

All of this hard work, is done by Ingrid and some helpers on a completely voluntary basis and is funded through the MGRC Rescue Fund, made possible only through the kind donations received from members and other friends.

In an ideal world, there would be no need for a Rescue Service, unfortunately this is not the case. Whilst there are many genuine reasons why Goldens may have to be found a new home, it is all too often as a result of poor judgment when selecting a dog to begin with.

We would therefore encourage all potential new owners of Goldens or any other dog breeds, to think very carefully before deciding to add one to your family. Please make use of the help and advice available from breed clubs, such as Midland Golden Retriever Club. We will not judge you but will give honest and clear advice.

Many thanks to Petlog for their donation of a microchip scanner to our rescue

Many thanks to Petlog for their donation of a microchip scanner to our rescue

Your generous support will be gratefully received. Please contact Ingrid on 01527 892578.

03-new-owner-enquiry-questionnaire-2018.doc (Word format which can be completed and returned by email to Ingrid)

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