Rescues at the Open Show 2014

A series of photos of the Rescue dogs that were invited to attend the club’s 2014 Open Show. All of them were rehoused by Ingrid and her helpers. Two of them were from the group of 16 dogs rescued from a house in Telford. They were in a terrible state – coats matted and all had to be clipped off. There were a few health problems but the dogs that were rehomed were amazingly good natured. The rest of the dogs have had to find new homes for a variety of reasons, the escapee Lucky is the second dog that Jan and Dave have adopted though Midland GRC rescue. A big heart felt thank you to all the hard work, time, heartache and dedication Ingrid has given to the rescue and to all the other people who have supported rescue in so many ways, whether fostering, fund raising, donating money or giving a loving and stable home to the dogs that find themselves needing the help of rescue.



Photos by Lynn Kipps

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