12 year old Sparky had been living in an empty house for six months on his own. His owner Debra (53 years) had hadSparky1_small a stroke in June and was taken in to nursing care and put in an induced coma for several weeks. During this time her neighbour had been going round to feed Sparky and take him for a short walk. Debra lived on her own and unfortunately the neighbour couldn’t take Sparky in as he had two terriers and they wouldn’t take to Sparky.
In the August it was decided that Debra would not be able to return to her home and Sparky. Sparky was her only concern and she kept asking about him. In the December the nursing home asked Age UK for help, and that’s when they contacted us.

About a month prior to this I had received an email from a lady saying her mother was in the house on her own all day and missing the company of their old Golden Retriever who had recently died. She was specifically asking for an ‘older’ Golden Retriever. This worked out really well, and it turns out Sparky is quite a character, still fit enough to go a decent walk and loving the attention. Debra has been sent some pictures of Sparky in his new home, and will keep in touch with her, so she is content knowing he is well loved.



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  1. Wonderful stories.We have just lost our golden oldie Indie 13.She was our third rescue.Looking for another to keep our 1 year old goldie company.

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